At a Glance - 10 years of FMA Facts

  • Founding Members: 6
  • Number of members of the Board of Directors in 2013: 22
  • Number of Installation Commanders from 2003-2013: 5
  • Number of Fort Meade Alliance companies in 2013: 250
  • Number of employees represented by Fort Meade Alliance member companies: 75,000
  • Cost of 1 Star Membership in 2008: $250
  • Cost of 1 Star Membership in 2013: $250
  • Square footage of first office at AAEDC: 205 sq. ft.
  • Square footage of headquarters in Hanover: 1,674 sq. ft
  • Number of FMA Education Forums: 4
  • Number of White Papers published: 4
  • Number of students at all Tech Mania events: nearly 2,000
  • Number of attendees at all 3 STEM Family Nights: approximately 1,300
  • Number of Kenneth O. McCreedy Scholarships awarded: 2
  • Number of transitioning workers who have completed Project SCOPE sessions: 500+
  • Number of Meade Business Connect graduates: 12
  • Number of Destination Fort Meade Relocation Fairs: 5
  • Raised funds for outfitting the Soldier and Family Assistance Center: $135,000
  • Five key areas of resiliency: spiritual, social, family, physical and emotional
  • Donations from online Orioles auction 2013: $14,406
  • Donations from online Orioles auction 2014: $24,615
  • Donation made from the Annual Praxis Engineering Golf Outing: $20,000
  • Number of toys collected at past President’s Receptions: 1,500+
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