The Fort Meade Alliance is a 501(c)4 non-profit independent community membership organization created to promote and support Fort George G. Meade, its more than 115 government agencies and organizations and surrounding areas as an economic asset, to promote the well being of the region with programs that support FGGM priorities, and serve as a resource to help facilitate connections that make a difference.

MISSION: Promote Fort George G. Meade as a growing regional economic asset and provide impact to the region with targeted programs and initiatives.

The Fort Meade Alliance:

  • Ensures that Fort Meade’s mission and related regional issues are addressed by local, state, and federal objectives
  • Champions and facilitates Fort Meade regional initiatives to remain the first choice for military services, civilian support services, and federal agencies and organizations
  • Supports Fort Meade’s priorities, interests, and concerns with regional/government businesses and organizations
  • Keeps FMA members, local governments, and the community informed about new developments and needs at Fort Meade and throughout the region


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